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About Me

My name is Cat. I just recently graduated from the Buckingham Browne & Nichols school (Class of 2019) and am an incoming freshman to Stanford University (Class of 2023.) 

My senior year was consumed by the college process. I was one of the lucky ones, and got accepted to my dream school early. I decided to dedicate the rest of my senior year to help those around me achieve the level of pure joy that I got when I received my acceptance letter. After spending a year helping my friends on supplements and applications, I realized I wanted to keep doing this. I'm a strong believer in equalizing the playing field and making higher education more accessible to everyone, and that's what I hope to do with Cat x College.

Whether you need advice on what classes to take, what school would be your perfect match, or how to craft the perfect college application, I'm here to help!


Why Choose Me?

I'm a nationally recognized writer: my memoirs have been awarded Gold and Silver Medals by the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards, and I was the lucky recipient of the American Visions and Voices Writing Award this year. I know how to craft a perfect personal essay, and how to best tell your story through writing, a skill crucial in the college application process!

I've been through it: who better to get advice from than someone who just did it all? Having just finished my college process, I can give the best up-to-date advice on how to navigate this hectic time. I'm familiar with all of the most recent essay prompts, application requirements, and interview questions.

Most importantly, I'm passionate about what I do!


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Cat has always been the best writer I know, so naturally, after I had finished my college essay, I turned to her to help me polish and finalize it. She gave me some very useful critiques regarding the structure and flow of my essay. I consider it to be one of the strongest points of my application and believe that my essay was what helped me get into schools such as New York University, Northeastern University, and many others.

Steph K.

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